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An information and document distribution hub, designed by Allan French

·        Financial analyst; staff accountant; Microsoft Excel fanatic

·        Fan of vintage railroading preservation and “live steam” model railroading

·        Bluegrass and folk music musician

·        Longtime square dancer; maybe someday a contra dancer or ballroom dancer

·        Resident of “Silicon Valley” since back when it was “The Valley of the Heart’s Delight”




Resources for musicians and music fans

·       California Flyer

Double-sided flyer, suitable for printing and sharing with music newcomers.  List of music organizations, house concerts, festivals, museums, event calendars, stores, etc., primarily in California.  In PDF format for easy viewing on almost any computer or tablet device


·       Events of SF Bay Area

Short, easy-to-read list of upcoming events, in PDF format.  This calendar lists shows near-term events in chronological order.


·       Dulcimer-Ukulele-Autoharp Info

Single-sided flyer devoted specifically to these 3 instruments, in PDF format.


·       Events and Resources Spreadsheet

The most extensive resource offered here.  Includes many of the same items as the California Flyer, but also has many from outside of California; and the print-size is much bigger.  Plus, it has web-links for festivals / concerts / camps (which are omitted in the flyer due to space limitations).  This is in MS Excel format, so requires basic spreadsheets navigation ability (but nothing more advanced than that).  Unlike the others, this one may download quite slowly; be patient.




I am a financial analyst, staff accountant, and Excel fanatic

·       Download my cover letter and résumé in PDF format

·       Or, learn more from my LinkedIn profile

If you are an office worker in the southern San Francisco Bay area, feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn. We can expand each other’s networks; and I would greatly appreciate any leads you may have.


You might not know me personally, but you already know that I’m a detailed-oriented list-maker, an acoustic stringed instruments music fan, and have an interest in steam-era railroading!


When inviting me to connect, please mention how you know me or where you found my résumé; I rarely link to people using the impersonal “default invite message.”




Resources for fans of railroad preservation and “live steam” model railroading

·       Railroading Info

Organizations and publications of interest to steam-era railroading fans, historic preservationists, and modelers.  In PDF format so it fits onto one sheet




Resources for square dancers and contra dancers

·       Folk Dancing Info

Square / round / contra dance organizations; with some other styles to maybe be added later.




Please let me know if you find these documents useful or you have any questions!  I am on both FaceBook and LinkedIn.  I don’t friend or link indiscriminately, however, so please enclose a personal note when introducing yourself.



– Allan