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We specialize in small custom utility software. If there is a computer task you need done but you can't find the software to do it then hire us to write the software for you. We also do website programming including setup and maintenance. Our rates are reasonable. Please email us for more details.

We mainly write our programs in Visual Basic but we also program in PHP, Perl, Java, JavaScript, C, C++, Python, and HTML. We also can do batch/script files for DOS. If there is a computer task that you do over and over, that can be automated, then hire us to write a program that will do that task for you. For example, if you copy, move, or rename groups of files on a regular basis then maybe a program can be written to automate that task. If you manually do a lot of calculations then maybe a computer program, that does those calculations, might be beneficial. Possibly you have record keeping needs but you don't need a big fancy program. We could write a simple record-keeping program for you. Maybe you need a website but don't know where to start. We can help you get a domain name (ex. and a place to host your site. We also can write the code (HTML, etc) that you need for your website.


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