Meter Info 1.4.1

- Copyright © 2018-2024 by Mark Mellor

This software takes data from a CORNET Microsystem ED88TPlus in through a USB cable and displays and records the data. The software is not written or authorized by CORNET Microsystem Inc. Please see their user manual for data logging setup. The software displays the power and frequency in a big font making it easy to read. The power level is displayed in three different colors (green, yellow, red). The color is determined by the amplitude of the power level. The data is stored in a log file. The software can also play sounds depending on the power level and frequency. Certain frequencies can be tagged. For example: Wi-Fi 2448 MHz +- 47 MHz. There is a top ten power levels screen. There is a feature to record GPS coordinates with the power level and frequency. A serial port GPS is required for this feature.

Meter Info screenshot

Designed for Windows.

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SHA-256 2ebe243578afd7aa60c7f859195bec97fa043433821db565f463826717a5fce6

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05/04/2024 1.4.1 - Added a mute option.
11/18/2023 1.4.0 - Added View Port Descriptions and fixed a log formatting error when using a GPS.
10/09/2018 1.3.0 - Added top ten power levels.
10/01/2018 1.2.1 - Fixed import problem if you were using a timestamp with Android app "USB Serial Console."
09/27/2018 1.2.0 - Added the ability to import a terminal file and to download from the buffer.
09/19/2018 1.1.0 - Added GPS data logging (optional) and the ability to generate a HTML table from the log file.
08/09/2018 1.0.1 - Minor COM port change.
08/07/2018 1.0.0 - Initial release.