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This software allows you to find just about any color you are looking for and gives you the hexadecimal and decimal code for that color. You can select a color from some basic colors, from a picture on the clipboard or from a file, from a random color generator, and from a Red-Green-Blue slider or scroll control. You can easily convert from hexadecimal to decimal codes or vice-a-versa. The software lets you copy the codes to the clipboard. The actual color can be copied to the clipboard as a small bitmap. Your favorite colors can be saved in the Favorites. Favorites can be edited and saved. Colors generated during a session are saved in a history list box. You can go back and recall a color via the history dropdown menu or the "B" and "F" keys. The entire color history during a session can be saved to disk and later recalled. If you are a webmaster you might like the update HTML feature. This feature allows you to automatically change the background color on a web page that you select. Generating or finding the right color / color codes will no longer be a problem with this software. Buy this software (Windows version) now for just $3.99.

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