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Slideshow 5.9.7 - Copyright © 2003-2019 by Mark Mellor

This software allows you to view pictures on your computer in a slideshow format. There is an option to just select certain files with the pattern and size function. You can control the speed of the slideshow. You can play CD, mp3, wma, wav, and midi files during the slideshow. All pictures are displayed window size unless the picture is smaller than the window size. One neat feature is the auto start feature which will automatically load the previous pictures viewed and show them without having to select them. The software has a remote control feature. You need to download the additional, optional, software below to use the remote control feature. There is also information in the software on how to make pictures load automatically from a CD. This software is shareware.

Free Download

Designed for Windows.

SlideshowSetup597.exe 2.01 MB (2,111,664 bytes)

The following demo program lets you remote control the slideshow from a laptop or desktop computer.

SlideRemoteSetup102.exe (1.55 MBytes)

To purchase the non-demo version of the remote control software click on the link below.

Non-demo Version (with more features)